Private Jet Charter YYZ To NYC: It’s Easier Than You Think

Private Jet Charter YYZ To NYC: It’s Easier Than You Think

Let’s face it: taking a commercial flight is becoming more and more frustrating. Time wasted waiting to check in, travel through security, and snake through customs, can easily turn an easy flight from Toronto to New York City into a four hour nightmare. However, there is an exciting option. Don’t own your own jet? Then think about a private jet charter from YYZ to NYC.


From Toronto to the Big Apple

Torontonians are frequent flyers to the Big Apple. Whether it’s a quick, same-day trip for an important business meeting or a weekend getaway to see the best of Broadway, the proximity of NYC is very alluring. The city is a cornucopia of attractions. At a loss of where to start? Check out the Elite Traveler’s Guide to New York which includes VIP hotel recommendations and concierges’ insider tips on the best restaurants, shopping destinations and nightlife.


Advantages of Private Jet Travel


While flying commercially can be very time consuming, chartering a private jet can save you valuable time, letting you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for whatever adventure lies ahead. A private jet allows you to leave and arrive on your own schedule. A word of warning, however, avoid charter companies that book unused space on privately owned jets, as these flights can be susceptible to last-minute cancellations. Rather, look for a company that owns its own fleet. When flying out of Toronto, CATS (Charter Air Transportation Services) is a terrific option.


CATS Service

CATS prides itself on personalized service, experienced and welcoming staff, and their ability to accommodate various budgets, schedules and needs. In-flight service includes comfortable and roomy seats, space to spread out and work, electrical outlets and refreshments. Some jets offer in-flight Wi-Fi, making business flights part of a productive day. The CATS Executive Flight Coordinator can even arrange catered meals for every diet or taste.


Flying out of Pearson Airport couldn’t be easier, as you fly out of a private terminal, with its own departure lounge. When flying with CATS, all the paperwork is done before you arrive, so simply show up, board the plane and off you go.


Arriving in New York

While CATS has access to over 100,000 airports in North America, when flying into New York, the CATS team prefers to fly into Teterboro Airport, an easy 19 kilometer drive to midtown Manhattan. This small airport has a 45,000 kg weight limit on landing aircraft, which makes it too small for commercial flights, but makes a great, hassle-free option for private or corporate jets. Here is an added bonus for aviation buffs: Teterboro Airport is home to New Jersey’s Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum.


Upon landing in Teterboro, a customs agent prompt clears the passengers and crew CATS can also arrange ground transportation, whether you wish a rented car, taxi or limo to whisk you into the city.


Popping down to New York can be as easy and relaxing as you want it to be. Check out a private jet charter for your next trip from YYZ to NYC.